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Message from Management

My name is Masakatsu Nishikawa, founder, CEO and president of Nishikawa Shokai Co.,Ltd.
My company was established in 1973, and now has over 35 years of experience in the multinational automobile trading industry.
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I commenced my career life committing to various duties, such as a tire sales representative, a taxi driver and an automobile maintenance manager, After graduation, I was astonished at the sight of vehicles being dismantled while they were still functional, it was then that I foresaw the potential of the automobile recycling industry.
Shortly after, my company was then established upon the occasion of marriage.
My company was one of the first to begin multinational trade in the industry,
establishing companies in Mongolia in 2008 and in the Philippines in 2013.
In coping with many business adversities throughout the years like the financial crisis of 2008,
the collapse of material prices and the lock down of 2019 due to the COVID 19 pandemic.
Nishikawa Shokai remains committed to providing the services it offers,
always evolving and adapting new measures of improvement,
our company now consists of 34 employees including my son a former banking officer,
who now holds the position of managing director.
My company yields a sales record of 900 million yen annually, as Nishikawa Shokai nears its 50th anniversary the company aims for over I billion yen in annual sales,
while faithfully tackling environmental problems through the process of automobile recycling.
I am looking forward to further business ventures in the future.

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Mr. Shoji Daikoku/Factory manager

I am the factory manager of Nishikawa Shokai.
With 30 years of experience in customer negotiation and container lording,
I am managing domestic sales, overseas sales, material sales and overall processes.
We make containers according to the request as the lording method differs depending on the country and customer.

Mr.Hayato Takata/Reuse section chief

I am a recycled parts manager.
We carefully inspect, clean, pack and deliver them to automobile repair factories in and out of the prefecture.
We can also send high-quality recycled parts overseas.
So please contact us for the parts that are not available in your country.
We ship starting from as few as one item, and we can also ship in a mixed container.

Ms.Rin Furuta/Overseas sales and PR

I am in charge of contacting overseas buyers, negotiating prices and PR.
For the customers who contacted us via our website or Instagram, I am sending photos of vehicles in the yard using WhatsApp.
Talking on video calls with customers and thinking from their perspective, we ship containers from Japan that will satisfy our customers.
I am always looking for buyers who handle different kinds of cars.

Mr.Yosuke Ishikawa/Domestic used car buyer

I am buying scrap cars and used cars.
Visiting dealers and repair shops in Tottori and Hyogo prefectures,
also buying from auctions and individuals in and out of the prefecture.
I am always trying to buy newer cars with reusable parts and vehicles that overseas buyers want.