A supplier of used engines and parts

Deliver high-quality recycled parts to all over the world
from Tottori, Japan

Provide high-quality used parts whose quality
is guaranteed by the NGP Group

Trading with about 30 countries around the world

Founded in 1973, over 35 years of overseas trading

Exporting about 150 containers overseas per year

Used cars can also be exported

Company Infomation

Nishikawa Shokai is an automobile recycling company located in Tottori Prefecture, Japan.
Founded in 1973, has 35 years of experience for overseas trading.
We purchase about 10,000 End-of-Vehicles or used cars annually.

The brands we deal with…

Used Parts

Used parts

We have over 13000 high-quality recycled parts in stock.
We are also a member of the NGP Group,
the only business cooperative in the Japanese automobile recycling industry approved
by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.
You can order over 1,500,000 parts from our system where only high-quality parts are registered.


With 20-feet and 40-feet marine shipping containers,
we export about 150 containers of used parts
to 30 countries and regions per year.